Typ /Gerätebezeichnung Scanconverter 910 für PC-Video
Hersteller YEM
Kategorie TBC / Scanconverter / Wandler/ Kreuzschienen/Normwandler Timecode Vectorskop Waveform Messgeraete
Beschreibung Neupreis 33.000.- DM !
Kann ins PC-Bild zoomen, und somit Ausschnittvergrößerungen machen, damit man auf Video noch Details erkennen kann. Viele weitere Funktionen

Model Number: CVS-910

Connections: 1 RS232C serial control connection, 1 Digital RGB in
(VGA connection), 1 Digital RGB out (VGA connection), 1 Analog RGB in
(Mac connection), 1 Analog RGB out (Mac Connection), Genlock in,
Super in, Seperate R G B Sync (the sync output has been bent and will
need to be straightened) outputs in composite, 2 composite out, Super
D' Video out, Key out, S-VHS out, Component out.

There are three cards in the unit. They are labeled Conv, SG/ENC
NTSC, and CTL.

The Conv card has nothing on it but a light that says "output level".

The SG/ENC NTSC card has the following labels, lights, and switches.

* super impose (3 way switch): Enc, Sup, Thr

* Bars (2 way switch): Off, On

* Blk Bal (2 rheostats): B-Y, R-Y

* Wht Bal (2 rheostats): B, R

* Level (5 rheostats): Video, Chroma, Setup, Burst, Sync

* Sync out (1 rheostat)

* Sc Phase (1 rheostat, 1 knob): Fine, Course

* Sync Phase ( 2 rheostat): Fine, Course

The CTL card has the following switches

* Key/F.E. Level (switch)

* Analog (3 lights): 0.7, 1.0, 1.5

* Digital (4 lights): M, 8, 16, 64

* Input (push button)

* Flicker Elm (push button with light)

* Freeze (push button with light)

* Memory (light)

* Set of lights and switches with the following symbols (1 ><, 2
<>, 3 up/down, 4 down/up)

This unit has been power tested and seems to work perfectly!

Condition: Used, Power tested, Working pull
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